At Beautiful Redemption, we believe everyone can do something. Unfortunately, we often make it too hard for people with good hearts to get involved. Processes are complicated. Information is hard to come by. It’s not easy to just sign up and know you’ll be helping families who are truly in need, or working with organizations that are clearly focused on doing God’s work. 

That’s why we created Beautiful Redemption. We want to be the tool that connects compassionate people like you to needy families and children. It’s our goal to make the process easy, allowing your church or organization an opportunity to touch someone’s life that needs it. At Beautiful Redemption, you can get as involved as you want to be, and start fulfilling requests that are focused on your specific area and expertise. 

We work with children and families that before they enter the system, providing for basic needs like car seats, cribs, formula, etc. that can have a huge impact and keep families together, saving the state of Colorado thousands of dollars in services and care.




The van from the Department of Human Services pulled up to our door. We heard screaming coming from the back seat as we slowly approached the vehicle. Opening the door, our eyes fell upon an eight-month old little girl and a two-and-a-half-year old little boy. Their fearful cries were full of pain. Taking off the little boy’s seat belt, he screamed out his first words to me-“ f*** you!!!!” 

Our story mirrors the stories of so many others who choose to “love fully for a season”. Every story is both unique and similar in many ways. We have experienced great joy, peace, reward, heartache, and brokenness. Foster parents put their hearts and homes on the line in an effort to bring peace to a child who is full of fear. This fear causes them to act out in a number of ways. Our remedy is to listen, love, and show care so their emotional and mental walls come down. We have seen living miracles of children experiencing peace because they were loved from deep places. 

We became foster parents to love abandoned and abused children for a season. Reunification is always the goal and we worked with these first children’s birth mother to help her through her struggles. We celebrated life with these children for over two years and watched night terrors turn into peaceful night’s sleep, tantrums turn into discussions, and fear replaced by safety.  When the day came that we returned the children to their birth mother, it felt as if someone had shot us. No words can explain the pain, heartache, and dark places this took us to as a family. We grieved for months after being cut off from their lives

Months later the birth mother’s boyfriend abused our little boy to the point of death. He stopped breathing and the paramedics brought him back to life. He was rushed to the hospital where emergency blood clot surgery was successfully performed. We went to the hospital, only to have the authorities turn us away because the birth mother did not want us there.

The boy and his sister were granted guardianship to a relative who just entered the scene. We were off-limits. Talk about pain above more pain! It was so cruel and so painful. After eight months the relative threw in the towel because the children were too hard to care for in their opinion. We were called again to see if we would take the children back into our home. We said yes. While the children were away, DHS called to ask if we would care for another child, a two-day old drug baby. When the children came home, they were introduced to another little child that would now share their lives.

It took almost two more years, but the birth mother’s rights were finally terminated. We were asked if we would be interested in adopting these two children and the answer was obvious. On June 18th, 2014, our family was expanded through adoption as we adopted all three children.

This is the short version of our story and why we are so passionate about Beautiful Redemption. We have lived our mission and continue to live it. We see the beauty in each child and the remarkable work of redemption in both their lives and ours. Beautiful Redemption, this is what life is all about.