Mom: A Gift from God

"Mom" the endearing name is given to all of us who have chosen to love someone and open our hearts to.  God has given us the incredible gift as woman to give life through love, and transform a life into a responsible beautiful grown adult who radiates God's design for mankind, or so we pray!  But we all know our children are not perfect and even though the most perfect parent God, did not have children who followed his heart completely.  So why even try especially when you add in the other title "Foster" to the equation?   It's hard enough to be a mom but then to try to embrace a little one (or big one) who comes from a hard place, may to only be with you for a short time, already probably has a mom, and let's face the situation will probably tear your heart up as you love.  Why oh why would anyone want to do that???  Humanly there is no logical answer!  But through Heavenly eyes it will be answered with a resounding applause as we get to be the chosen one to carry that endearing title through probably one of the most darkest times your "child" will ever walk through.  "Foster Mom" is a position that holds so many limits, and at times few freedoms.  But before we start to get down and our focus of our limitations, Hold onto God's limitless privileges that we get to share with our "Child".  I am not going to give more how too, but as a mother I have the privilege of wearing many different titles: Mom, Foster Mom, Adoptive Mom, and now Grandma which have all allowed me the privilege of seeing these gifts I am going to share with you be true gifts from God.

1. God gives us the gift to be that special person who gets to demonstrate God's love visually
This might be his/her first glimpse of even the idea of God or that He really does exist, and loves them deeply.  I encourage you to see this as an incredible privilege and take advantage of it for however time will  allow.  Let your "child"see that he/she is made in the image of his Heavenly Father who loves them and has a purpose and plan for their life.  We get to live out God's unconditional love before their eyes and for many it might be the only glimpse they ever get to visual see lived out in their life.

2. As we plant those seeds of love, show them their significance as a child of God.
We can trust the Holy Spirit to cultivate those seeds as might not have the opportunity to water and care for the seeds long term.  In the world's eyes the position we have been given might seem like a waste of time, but because we know life is so much deeper than one dimension we can trust the Holy Spirit to continue his work even when we physically can not.  Our love and labor is not in vain precious foster mom.  God's word is promised not to come back void ( Is    ) so put your trust in our Heavenly Father and let's plant lots of seeds.

3.  My heart grows heavy as I reflect back on why we were chosen to be his/her mother.
Our child has been apart of the small percentage of cases that were looked at and someone decided their situation was so severe and foster care was the only option.  Our "child"comes not with maybe some hurts, but he/she has experienced tragedy in the world they have known as "home".  Mom be encouraged as we realize we have been given the gift of showing them what a real home is.  We get to introduce them to a place that is not just a shelter, but a refuge from the storms of life.  In our homes they can experience peace maybe for the first time ever, and find comfort in our arms.  We get to bless them with positive words, and live out how precious their lives are.  If you have other family living with you they will be able to see up close how people can treat each other with respect, love, encouraging words, and maybe even fun in a clean way for the first time.

The world can view us as a paid babysitter, a crazy woman, and many other labels they want to give us, but take  courage and stand strong mom as you take in the greatest gift any child could long for.  The gift of a mom who truly does see him/her for who they are.... a treasured gift created by God with an amazing purpose to their life.