Against All Odds

Giving in the wake of grief with a joyous heart is what NRHA competitor Garth Hystad has done and continues to do. Listening to Garth tell you his story warms your heart and opens your eyes to all of the wonderful gifts that we have to be thankful for. Garth has overcome massive trials in his life and has emerged more prosperous and giving than one would have imagined.


Garth began his life into a life of turmoil; his parents were drug addicts and after giving birth to his two younger sisters, they gave up their children. At the age of five, Garth had to assume the parental role of watching over his three year old and infant sister. They were put into foster care, but unfortunately the cycle of abuse didn’t stop with new parents. Finally they were moved out of that home and placed with a new family. The new family took the children to church and eventually decided to adopt, however they only wanted to adopt Garth’s two sisters. Garth recalled, “I had to leave the only family I knew and move to a new foster home.” Completely alone with all of his belongings filling less than a brown grocery bag, Garth somehow still found joy in his life.