Message of Hope

Raising children that have been abandoned, abused and traumatized is a challenge bigger than we ever thought. Children from hard places have experienced loss at a deep level. Over the years it has been amazing to see the slow changes in their lives. We are convinced, "with God, all things are possible."  This truly is a message of hope. 

This is why Leesa and I hope to address 10,000 people this year with the message of hope. We want to see families open their hearts and homes to needy children and families wrapping around foster/adoptive families and children surrounded by love that creates peace. We have seen it first hand. We know it is possible.

So join us as we journey forward. Supporting Beautiful Redemption at $25, 50 or 100 dollars a month enables us to continue to make others aware of what they can do. Thank you and we will keep battling on the front lines of this battle.