Daughter of the King

There is something special that happens when a few thousand people with similar heartbeats converge into one place. This is what happened in May at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit in Orlando. Leesa and I were amazed at what God is doing all over the world when it comes to the church responding with God's heart for the fatherless. We were so encouraged as we sat next to people from Africa who have adopted 10 children, met a man from Guatemala who has opened his home and heart to 15 and worshipped with crazy loud voices together to our Abba, Father. The rich experience is so hard to put into words.I will never be the same.

   One of the stories that touched us deeply was from a young lady from Ukraine. She had been abused to the point where her face was disfigured from her mother pushing her face onto a burning stove top. The pictures made me physically sick as did the prostituting of this little life by her mother. Then came alongside a man who helped pay for 17 face surgeries and a set of parents who adopted this little girl. The story of redemption ran deep through the life of this little girl, now a grown woman. We were then moved to tear when a reunion took place before our eyes. The man who had donated for the surgeries came out on stage and surprised this beautiful woman. Next, the mother who adopted her came out on stage and everyone in the room was turned into a puddle of tears! Her message was one of gratitude and thanks as she further shared about her rejection and behavior toward her adoptive parents. It was so moving to see beauty come out of ashes. I will never be the same.

   Later that day we met this young lady and the mother who had adopted her. We were sitting on the grass together sharing our stories about the grace of God and adoption when the young lady explained that she would be taking her daughter to Disney World for the first time. I reached into my pocket and pulled out enough cash to pay for a princess dress for her daughter. Afterall, I was looking into the eyes of a daughter of the King and it just seemed right to use our meal money on greater purposes, purchasing a princess dress for a little princess. I will never be the same.