The Impact of CarePortal in Colorado Springs in just 10 months



  What if the faith community knew specific at risk youth and family needs straight from the desk of the Department of Human Services (DHS)? What if the needs of at risk youth and families, who otherwise may never encounter the faith community, came from a no hassle email system without a bunch of meetings or red tape? What if 1,500 motivated, compassionate volunteers received these requests on their computers and phones in real time and responded, making a positive difference they otherwise wouldn’t have access to in their community?

 What if the children and families reached were those who are either already involved in the child welfare system due to abuse or neglect, or are those at risk of becoming involved in the child welfare system? Imagine now knowing exactly when and how to reach them with God’s love in your own community in their lowest moments, when they’re afraid to ask for help, when support is needed the most, when they feel the least heard. This is happening now, and you can be a part of the movement wherever you are.

  CarePortal has impacted El Paso County in tremendous ways. In 10 months over 1,500 volunteers from 18 churches have met needs from DHS caseworkers by simply responding to an email. Over 881 children have been served, finding DHS in El Paso County over $70,000 in material needs they otherwise may not have had through regular funding. This success shows the faith based community has a natural desire to be involved.

 CarePortal’s mission coupled with its hassle free organizational structure is the best kept secret in Colorado Springs and we are ready to expand to other regions in Colorado.

   A request came in to assist a 15 year old pregnant girl with diapers, wipes and bottles. The faith community responded not with just a few diapers, they gave the young lady a baby shower! A request came through for a bus pass so a mother would have transportation to visitation appointments, it was answered. Another request was for clothes for a woman’s 5 year old son who would be starting school. A grandma went out and purchased clothes and school supplies for the 5 year old so he could begin school with his head held high.

  Fulfill the calling in Matthew 25:40 and James 1:27- go now to See how your community can be transformed. Hundreds of caring volunteers are just waiting to help the needy children and families in your own backyard discover the unconditional love of Jesus.