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Colorado Impact

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New Mexico Impact

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Making a Strategic Difference

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Girl with Laptop

Laptops Needed for School

Because of the great support from Beautiful Redemption, we were able to purchase and deliver three laptops to this foster family so they can continue school during COVID.

Friends with a Phone

Children unable to talk to their mother

Due to COVID-19 this family has been unable to see their mother face to face.  Beautiful Redemption provided phones and minutes so now they are able to chat consistently and maintain this relationship through the pandemic!

Baby Clothes

Clothes for children starting from scratch

A foster family recently welcomed six children into their home. The kids came with hardly any possessions, but through this request the family received clothing for the kids. While clothes might not seem like a big deal to most, for these children to have belongings to call their own carries immense value and meaning.

Repairing a Car

Vehicle repair so parents can see their baby girl

A mother and father are driving into town several times a week for treatment and visitation with their 7-month-old daughter. The father is receiving disability and cannot work and the mother is currently pregnant and unable to work as well. They needed assistance with paying for maintenance to their tuck in order to continue to make their appointments that are court-ordered on our case. This family will be able to make their treatment and doctors appointments, while also providing a safe vehicle for their daughter. THANK YOU for your support and prayer for situations like these to become possible!

Practical Impact Stories

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