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mother praying for foster families

5 Simple Prayers To Pray For Foster Families

Fostering is a challenging yet vital job, and it needs to be covered in prayer. God cares deeply for the needs of every foster child and wants to pour out His love on them. Here are 5 simple prayers to pray for foster families, foster parents, and foster children. Use these prayers for foster families in your home, at your church, or with your small group. Show God’s love for these people by covering them in prayer. 

Prayer for the Foster Care System

God, We pray for the foster care system in our state and country. We pray that You be with all members of the foster system, along every step of the way, and through every difficult situation. We pray for case workers and social workers, that they have wisdom and tenderness when caring for needy families. We pray for lawmakers and judges who work in foster care cases, that they have insight and mercy for families in crisis. We pray for foster homes, that they would be blessed in taking care of foster kids. 

Lord, we know that you care for all these people and know their struggles and needs. We pray for them in your name, amen.

Prayer for Foster Parents

Jesus, you know the hearts of every foster parent. You know their pain and their sorrow.  You know their joys and their celebrations. Be with the foster parents in our community today. Show them your love and remind them of your goodness and faithfulness. The work of parenting is hard, so help our foster parents to love and care for their foster children, adopted children, and biological children well. Give them rest and recovery for the long days of parenting, and give them energy for the continued work they are doing. Provide for their needs as new children are welcomed into their homes. Refresh them for the continued work of fostering. Amen.

Prayer for Foster Children

Jesus, You say that You love all the children and you want them to come to you, and that includes all the children in the foster care system. Show these children who have been separated from their birth families that You care for them. We pray that they come to know Your love deeply. Help them to feel loved and accepted in their foster homes. Walk with them in their hurt and pain that comes with the pain of being separated from their families. You know the hearts of these children, so comfort them in their transitions and trials. We pray that you meet these children in the midst of the foster care system, and you give them hope. Amen.

Prayer for Birth Parents

Lord, we may not know or understand the pain and struggle of a parent or guardian who is not with their children. Give us understanding and compassion as we pray. For all birth parents who have been separated from their biological children, we pray for healing and restoration. Give these parents the resources they need to heal and recover from the things preventing them from taking care of their children. We pray that these parents come to know and love You, and find their hope in You. And Jesus we pray that, ultimately, these birth parents and guardians would be reunified with their children if it is in Your will. Amen. 

Prayer for the Church and Foster Care

God, we want our church to be one that cares for all people. Help us to love and care for the foster families in our church and community. Give us a spirit of generosity and sacrifice so we can care for the children and families who are in need of support. We pray that we would come together as a church and support the foster care system as best as we can, because that is what You would do. Show us ways that we can love our foster neighbors. Give us the right words to welcome foster families into our congregation. And most importantly, give us Your heart for foster homes, parents, children, caseworkers, and birth parents, so we can love them more like You would. Amen. 

How Your Church Can Invest in and Care for Foster Care Families

There are immense needs in the foster care system outside of the families in your church. CarePortal is a tool that connects you to the immediate needs in your community and allows you to donate directly to the individuals who need it. Foster families share their needs for food, clothes, furniture and more, allowing you to tangibly see the impact of your donation. 


CarePortal allows you to connect with those people directly and make a meaningful impact in the lives of foster mothers, fathers, and vulnerable children.

Written in partnership with Reach The Lost.


CarePortal is a completely free platform that gives your group instant opportunities for vetted, local, and simple ministry with tangible impact... without adding another job onto your plate.

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