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What is the CarePortal and How Does It Work?

We all want to make a difference in our communities, but how often do you get stuck because the needs feel too intimidating, complicated, or just big? 


CarePortal exists to give people that care about their communities simple, easy, and powerful opportunities to care for local kids in crisis.

What is the CarePortal?

CarePortal is an entirely free app that gives your church, family, or business access to a manageable list of solvable needs of the most vulnerable children in your community. Many of these children are in foster families, kinship placements, or with parents who are struggling to get by. 


Make a difference without donating to a large bucket of funds or vague goals. Provide the carseat a newly single mother needs, or the bunk beds needed for a family taking care of new foster kids.

How Does it Work?

CarePortal participants receive requests in the app for their local area. These requests are submitted by caseworkers at government child welfare agencies and approved by CarePortal, so you can trust that these needs have been vetted and carefully selected.


CarePortal then disperses the needs to CarePortal partner churches, businesses, ministries, and more in the area. Within the app, you can view a request and say “I can help!”

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Individuals can solve needs by providing items directly to the child agency or donating within the app. By working together, we can make sure that no child falls through the cracks and gets the help they need.

What kind of requests come through CarePortal?

There are all kinds of requests that come through CarePortal, you can meet needs that are doable for you. You can make a difference by providing diapers, clothes, bunk beds, rent assistance, or more.

Aurora, CO | Carseat for Family Taking in Siblings | Estimated: $150

Kin family is taking in a toddler and 13 year old sibling pair. The family does not have funds to buy the toddler a car seat and is asking for immediate help so they can transport the child to necessary appointments.


Tulsa, OK | Bus Pass for Single Mom | Estimated: $45

Please help this mom obtain a bus pass so she can get to and from her services and work. This mom has been making great progress and we do not want to stall her progress by the set back of no bus pass. Whatever you can do to help this mom out would make a big difference in this family's life and is greatly appreciated!


Los Angeles, CO | Clothes for Sex Trafficking Survivor | Estimated: $150

This vibrant, young survivor of sex trafficking now lives at home with her single father and her three younger siblings. The youth only has two pair of jeans, but they no longer fit. Her father works hard to do his best and provide for his 3 children, but financial difficulties hinder the father and the youth from purchasing new clothing. She is attending school two times a week and has to wear the same pair of jeans. We want to do our best to support her with clothing; this will allow her to focus on her school goals without risking for her to leave home and find her own way to pay for clothing and essential items! Anything helps!


Becoming a Church Partner

CarePortal exists to fuel your church's local outreach ministry. 


Made free by a team of donors, you get:

  • Opportunities to reach the most vulnerable in your neighborhood

  • Less organizational headaches

  • Consistent evangelism and discipleship opportunities

  • Collaboration with other local churches

  • Increased involvement in local outreach

Written in partnership with Reach The Lost.


CarePortal is a completely free platform that gives your group instant opportunities for vetted, local, and simple ministry with tangible impact... without adding another job onto your plate.

See how over 115 churches are doing over $5 million in economic impact.

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