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Bunk Bed Resources

All you need to launch a CarePortal bunk bed ministry. 

The Why

Why beds matter

  • About 2-3% of children don't have a bed to sleep in

  • Brings hope and stability

  • Creates a safe and reassuring environment for a child

  • Can help make placements & reunifications possible

  • Delivering beds provides opportunities to connect with the family

Why to build instead of buy

  • It builds community

  • Easy to assemble quickly 

  • It is fun!

  • Opportunity to serve together 

Bunk Bed Plans

Getting Started

  • Recruit building team

    • Location / tools

  • Pursue donations 

    • Tools, wood, stain, mattresses (twin), bedding, giving fund​

    • Aprox. $225 per single or $450 for bunk bed

  • Recruit delivery team​

    • 2 people with a truck

Best Practices

  • Connect with local businesses to see if they can help donate materials or provide mattresses at a discount.  

  • Share what God is doing through your team on social media or at your church.  Keep track of the number of beds delivered and tell stories of hope. 

  • Have all volunteers sign a liability waiver since they will be working with power tools.  Come up with a plan to make sure they are properly trained. 

  • When possible, arrange a time to deliver beds directly to the family and let the children assemble their new beds.  

  • Consider who might partner with your church for a bedding or mattress drive. 

  • Train your delivery team on how connect with dignity.  This is a great resource:

We would be happy to help with any questions you have.
Please reach out to

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